“Winds of Change”

Ajit Mili, 21 year old; self confident and extremely  determined…

With a negligible income from his father as a farmer, the need to earn and support his family is acute for Ajit, the youngster who hails from a remote village of flood affected district of Assam, Dhemaji.

Owing to his low qualification and zero work experience getting a job was a distant dream for him. This is when mobilization team came to rescue Ajit. They informed him about the free skill training conducted at training center at Agshia, Boko Assam funded and supported by Employment Generation Mission, Govt of Assam.

Without a second thought he asked about the minimum requirement for enrolling in the program. The answers of the mobilization team impressed him and also built a respect for the Organization.

He choose to join the training program in Private Security Guard and today he is working with Bombay Security Services and was deployed at Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok in Guwahati as a main security guard in the entrance drawing INR 7000/- pm.

Recalling those days at Optaamaze training camp at Agshia, Boko, he says, “After coming to the training camp I learnt lot of things, like about the Private Security Industry its scope and prospects, personality development, life skills and many more.”

I am very grateful to my Instructors and Optaamaze, who filled me with knowledge and helped me improve my skills. These skills proved to be useful in getting a Job. For me and my family Optaamaze proved to be a foundation to our dreams.

Thank you all for empowering me ….!

“Reaching the Unreached”

Chandan Saikia, determined to bring change to his life…

27 years old Chandan lives with his family of six which comprises of his parents, one elder sibling and two younger siblings in a small village of Assam. The source of family income was a handful of land which they owned and on which he, his father and sister worked as farmers. But as the situation of agriculture is heart-wrenching and full of harsh realities; the Saikia family find themselves in a situation where they struggle everyday for survival.

But Chandan was determined to bring about a significant change in his life and thus when he came to know about the training conducted by Optaamaze and sponsored by Employment Generation Mission, he immediately contacted the authority and attended the mobilization camp. He was selected and this proved to be a turning point in his life.

Initially, he was quite apprehensive about the training and the placement but his frame of mind went through a complete change after he attended the training and the placement procedure.

Chandan is a happy man today, his family situation has improved a lot and the monthly income of the family is around Rs. 28,000/- per month.

Remembering the training he received in Boko Camp, Assam, he says, “Optaamaze’s Training Programme added value to my life. Now I feel more disciplined and confident about myself. I am aware about my shortcomings and now I know how to overcome them. Training programme has lighted my life and today, we can even save money and recently my family is planning to buy new home appliances to make our lives comfortable.”

Thank you for giving me this satisfaction!

“A Ray of Hope”

David Boruah for whom life was never easy…

David is 29 years old, who hails from Assam. He has been brought up in poverty stricken household, where he has witnessed the everyday struggles of his parents to make the ends meet of the family.

His father was the sole earning member, who worked as a famer but as fate would have it; he met with an accident and was bed ridden. In this unfortunate change of events, David found himself with the responsibility to support his parents and two younger siblings at a young age.
To meet this new found responsibility, he worked very hard as a daily wage labourer and engaged into petty jobs. But the meagre income was insufficient to meet the basic needs of the family along with the health needs of his father.

One day, he heard through his friends about the training programme sponsored by Employment Generation Mission and feeling that this might be an opportunity that he was looking for, he approached the Optaamaze mobilization team.

The team informed him about the trainings offered under the free skill training program and guided him through. Today, David is working as a security guard with Force 1, a well known company in Chennai and earns around Rs.10,000/- per month. He is full of new hopes and ambitions; he says, “I feel proud that I am able to support my family and fulfil their needs. I used to be stressed with growing family responsibilities and not having a job to support my family was agonizing but after receiving training from Optaamaze and getting more than a decent job all my worries have faded. My company is reputed and growing at a fast pace, which gives me a lot of scope to progress and excel”

He wants to become a supervisor and in his free time is even able to enjoy one of his favourite hobbies i.e. reading.

Thanking the Optaamaze team, David with a smile on his face says, “Optaamaze came at that point in my life, when everything seemed gloomy and hopeless. It gave me hope and instilled in me the belief to believe in myself.

Thank you for being the reason; I am able to support my family today.”