Optaamaze is an endeavour to combine all the requisites of success to equip the youth of our country for a dream career for the simple reason that academic achievements are often not enough to get jobs for 70% of our population. Optaamaze has been founded by a set of professionals whose main vision is to make every youth of this country employable by equipping them with industry relevant skills which is a combination of soft skills and functional skills.

To actualize the aforesaid vision certain steps; important steps are to be followed which are:

Mobilization is the fundamental step in the Vocational Education and Training process. Mobilization starts with creating the ground connect i.e. meeting the key stakeholders at a village level, spreading awareness about the benefits of Vocational Training and the Career path available to them thereafter.

Counselling sessions and campaigns delivering key information on offerings are conducted, followed by surveys and feedback from the local target populace in order to enable the candidate to choose the best fit course from our set of offerings. This activity demands inventiveness, resourcefulness and steadfast determination in order to actively capture the interest of responsive candidates and create a sense of curiosity and desire in the rest. After all, it is critical to build a sense of trust and deep understanding between yourself and the target customers to ensure the programme has maximum impact.

Job Mela’s are then conducted at a district level in order to give potential candidates an insight into our course offerings. We bring in ex candidates, instructors and our placement literature to demonstrate to the candidate what the future holds in store based on his selection.

This is followed by screening of candidates for the training programme based on pre requisites for each course offering and willingness and ability of the candidate to succeed in the chosen vertical.

Mobilization teams are also actively part of the post-placement monitoring process as they are responsible for understanding the reasons for withdrawal of candidate from the program or job and engaging him in counselling and assisting in re-entry into the system if possible. They play a critical role in arresting attrition since it is not easy for this segment to acclimatize themselves to a new environment at work.


As a Vocational Training and Education provider, training is at the core of Optaamaze’s activity. It defines our business and quality training is the essence of what we are, what we do and how we do it! Our vision, “Impart training & education of the highest quality in accordance with industry standard best practice methods, across verticals, to empower trainees to build a sustainable career” aligns us to deliver excellence in training, continuously and consistently.

Optaamaze, at each step, has ensured mechanisms to induce sustainability in the Training processes & strengthen them. From functional skill training & specialized industry relevant training to enable a candidate to excel in his work environment, to soft skill training to empower the candidate to adapt in his new surroundings.

Optaamaze’s skill instructors are required to meet rigorous standards and chosen after a cautious deliberate selection process. Every trainer undergoes a training of trainers program conducted by master trainers, during which they are coached thoroughly in the syllabus and methods of delivery.

Soft skills professionals impart the requisite training to complement the hard skills and allow the candidate to thrive in his new environment.


All content is curated with inputs from industry bodies in order to have candidates ‘job ready’ on completion of the training program. Content is audited by authoritarian bodies to ensure quality and is constantly improved and added to in order to keep up with dynamic industry standards.


Optaamaze is proud to boast of a 100% placement track record for all qualified candidates ever since the inception of our very first training program. We take it very seriously to ensure that we do not put a blemish on that achievement. In order to keep up this success, we have set up a unique placement cell to deal with all ongoing activities relating to placements; placement of candidates in the best suited job, sourcing of additional employers and placement agencies and regulatory checks on the offers and work environment being provided to our placed candidates.

We at Optaamaze believe that the right work environment is ideal for a candidate to flourish and hence have set up a process akin to that of leading professional colleges that allows for candidates to choose fairly among all the options presented to him and make a calculated choice based on his requirements and desires.

Kindly email us at info@optaamaze.com if you are a placement agency or employer and would like to get in touch with Optaamaze’s placement team.


Keeping in line with our promise of a holistic service offering, Optaamaze has incorporated a post-placement monitoring of our candidates to provide valuable information to all stakeholders that we work with. It also enables us to track the career progression of the candidates once we have successfully trained and placed them.

Our call centre coupled with an MIS system allows us to keep track of each candidate post placement. Our system provides timely periodic updates on the status of all our training centres, placement drives and post placement information on each candidate.