Resource Integration for Sustainable Employment (R.I.S.E.)


Optaamaze togetherRISE-image with XecuteLAB Technologies Pvt. Ltd. introduces a platform (physical as well as virtual) that is relevant, reliable and trustworthy which will connect the various stakeholders, RISE.

‘Resource Integration for Sustainable Employment’ (RISE) is an innovative Technology & Field based program designed to deliver a unique solution for vocational training and employment with the creation of an ecosystem at the grass root level which marries into the broad objectives of the government on State Skill Mission and SKILL INDIA mission. An approach which will eventually guarantee the right person at the right job. It is the only platform which can effectively do mobilization and monitoring thus relieving Skill Training Providers to rightfully focus on their core competence i.e.: Training & Placement.

A physical mobilization drive across each and every village / small town of every district at regular intervals followed by ‘job melas’ (with active participation of training providers and employers from across the country) at the district HQ according to a pre-defined annual calendar with a minimum of one mela per district every month.

A platform where all the stake holders can interact and conduct transactions that is mutually beneficial.

Key Elements of RISE
  • Yatra: Yatra refers to the actual visits to the villages and small towns by RISE mobilization team.
  • Job Mela: This is the physical platform where the candidates / training partners and employers can meet face to face.
  • IT Platform – Database and Communication: A crucial element in RISE that will ensure availability / updates for optimal utilization of the mobilized database.
  • Mobilizing Training Partners: RISE will co-ordinate with industry bodies to bring in more training partners from across India if demand for their program exists.
  • Mobilizing Employers: RISE will will co-ordinate with industry bodies to bring in more employers from across India inviting them to come to that state for their recruitment needs.
  • Performance Dashboard: RISE will monitor the nationwide / statewide performance and provide real-time reports to all the various skilling initiatives to take necessary
  • Characteristics of Performance Dashboard
    1. All the Dashboards pertaining to various skilling initiatives fit in a single screen.
    2. It displays the various skilling initiatives and their performance through indicators that can be monitored.
    3. Indicators such as filtering and drill-down can be used in dashboard.
    4. The Performance Dashboard can be accessed by the HODs of various skilling initiatives to monitor & take necessary actions, if needed.
    5. The data gets automatically updated on daily basis without any assistance from the user. The frequency of the data updating will vary with the various skilling initiatives.
Benefits of RISE
  • Effectively mobilize and monitor
  • Organize eco-systemfor all stakeholders i.e. the Government, the training providers, the students and the employers
  • Create re-emmployment and catchment area employment
  • Enables the Government to invite trainin partners acording to the interests / aspirations of the Youth
  • Track the performance of each training provider which help build a grading system of the training providers
  • A long term LMIS deployment to ensure a ‘sustainable approach’ to skilling at the grass root level
  • Continuous learning and assessment make this platform a lifelong companion for the student in his career
  • A platform to create large employment program, based on grass-root aspirations of youth